Common Household Pests in Austin

Thu 19 January 2017

Keeping your house clean also means that you need to clean spaces that are not seen with your eye easily. They could be corners where the unwanted residents are staying, waiting for the right prey to come.

These little critters are called pests, which is one of the most annoying problems every household is facing.

Household owners may have solutions to getting rid of these pests, but the products they are using are only temporary, and these pests are just going to come back again. You need to understand what each of these pests are capable of and what are harmful to them so that you will know what to do the next time you see them.


Ants may come out as the most annoying pest in the household, they do not carry a lot of disease, but considering they travel in unsanitary areas, they basically bring bacteria that can harm the health of a person. Before these ants ever reach the countertops, you need to address this problem by knowing their behavior and how to get rid of them.

Garden Ants – they are also known as black ants, measuring 4 to 5mm long, but its queen is as long as 15mm. The queens lay its eggs during spring in their nests, which are made from soil, under bark or brickwork. They love foods that are sweet, and leave some sort of tracking sent that will lead the other ants to follow it.

Red Fire Ants – they were considered as worker ants measuring 3mm length, and its queen reaches 6mm. They come in reddish brown color, with colonies having over 100,000 ants. Each of these colonies is led by their queen that lays between 150 to 200 eggs each day.

These ants build up their mounds up to sixty centimeter high, built in the open and sunny spaces. They sting both humans and animals and it can be very painful.

Pharoah’s Ants – these are worker ants measuring 1.5 to 2mm length, while its queen measures 4 to 6mm according to size. Both the queen and the workers share a common color of yellow brown. They are originally from the tropics and that they require artificial heat so that they can survive.

To get rid of the ants, you can use a commercial ant killer spray directly on them. Try spraying on any crevices, cracks, and surfaces you think where their colony is.


Unlike ants, rodents pose a serious life threatening bacteria and viruses they carry. Not only harmful to humans, but they also bring damage to personal belongings, structures of the buildings, crops, flowers and many more.

Mice, moles and snakes are a problem, too, and most people, who find it difficult to address the problem on their own, even if they have already done it themselves, call for professional help. These are the pest control specialists, certified to eliminate all your pest problems. 

To avoid having these pests get into your household again, try to seal any vents, gaps, and cracks that may act as an entrance for these little pests. Call a pest control specialist in Austin Pest Control.

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